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  • Margin account

    We help you to quickly respond to investment opportunities, as that’s what being responsive is all about. Share margin financing is a credit facility granted to individuals like yourself and corporate clients for the sole purpose of financing clients' purchase of shares listed in the Bursa Malaysia. To enjoy this facility, deposit collaterals in the form of cash and/or shares traded on Bursa Malaysia.

    The financing terms include finance and administrative charges and rollover fees levied for contracts that are outstanding for more than three months.

  • Discretionary Financing (DF)

    Need more time? A DF account allows settlement of your outstanding purchase position in relation to a contract between the fourth day (T+3), and the seventh day (T+7).

    Attractive Interest Rate
    - Financing purchase from T+3 to T+7

    Minimum fee charges
    - No processing fee
    - A DF fee of 0.25% of the contract value
    - Interest charged at HLIB prevailing rate

    Fast approval
    - Save time with hassle-free application and speedy approval for eligible clients

    - Only applicable for ready basis contract
    - Upon approval of DF application, client is deemed to have given notification to HLIB to utilize DF facility if   client fails to settle outstanding purchase by T+3
    - Force selling will be executed on T+8