Thank you for your interest in our HLeBroking online share trading account.  Please follow the steps below to complete your account opening application.


STEP 1   Choose your plan

       Value Trade
(Cash Upfront Account)

  Brokerage Rate :
   0.106% flat of contract value
   Min RM8.48

  TradingLimit :
   99% on cash balance

      Power Trade

  Brokerage Rate :
   Contract value (RM100k & below) :  0.4028%
   Contract value (Above RM100k)   :  0.1908%
   Min RM12.72

  Trading Limit :
   Up to 2x multiple CASH and 3x multiple on
   SHARES value pledged as collateral

** Rate above are inclusive of Service Tax, SST 6%.

STEP 2   Fill your name, NRIC and email 

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STEP 3   Provide us your basic information 

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